Research Projects

The Rural Teacher Residency choice is a pathway that integrates the Master's Degree in Education with a multiple subject or education specialist preliminary credential. The culminating activity for individuals in the RTR Program to earn the MA in Education is the Scholarly Paper with Comprehensive Exam option. The Scholarly Paper consists of a review of an educational topic and the findings from an action research study conducted during the teaching residency. Below are samples of Scholarly Papers from RTR graduates.

The Family Reading Program Project: Student and Family Attitudes towards School and Reading (PDF)

Christy Ellyson-Cherry
California State University, Chico

An Exploration of How the Use of Readers' Theatre as a Teaching Strategy Affects Reading Fluency and Comprehension (PDF)

Melissa Frasier
California State University, Chico

Publication within a Writing Workshop as an Effective Strategy to Increase Student Motivation, Engagement and Achievement in Primary Education (DOC)

Wendy Ramirez
California State University, Chico

An Analysis of Math Anxiety and Achievement: The Effects of an After-School Math Club on Anxiety and Performance (DOC)

Heather Shepherd
California State University, Chico

The Impact of Retrospective Miscue Analysis on the Reading Achievement of Struggling Second Grade Students (PDF)

Melissa Williamson
California State University, Chico

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